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About Us

Skytaxi is operating the newest and most modern private jet to date. Innovative materials and a new generation power plant make Skytaxi’s Cessna Citation Mustang the most cost-effective, environmentally friendly and efficient private jet in the world. The reduction in weight and the increase in efficiency saves on landing fees and fuel and reduces the environmental impact.

The outstanding performance facilitates landings on the smallest airports – impossible to reach for other private jets. We deliver you closer to your desired location.

Skytaxi is a business jet operator based in Bregenz, Lake Constance and was founded in 2007. From the beginning, one Cessna Citation Mustang was in use. The aircraft was the first of its type to be registered in Europe.

In 2014, Adi Anderst joined the management team. In the same year, the company was able to achieve a significant increase in sales and the number of flight hours. As demand remains strong in 2016, the owners decide to include another aircraft of the same type in the fleet: the second Cessna Citation Mustang.

Werner Deuring, Majority owner

Adi Anderst, CEO & Captain

your private way to fly



You arrive at the airport without check-in times, queues or waiting lines.

Your Skytaxi is waiting for you, ready to go.

You gain time for your work at hand or convenience felt on your holiday trip.


Large commercial aircrafts serve selected large airports.

Skytaxi can utilize small and medium sized airports giving you access to hundreds of landing spots across Europe.


Our crew offers flexibility and service according to your needs.

No matter whether you get caught in traffic or your meeting takes longer.

Or maybe – you simply want to enjoy more time at the beach.


Skytaxi operates a new generation of light jets.

This new economic dimension makes flying a private jet a new opportunity for business traveling – far below known pricing conditions.

Just the business tool you need.

We are looking forward to welcoming you on board!



Range: 2,100 km (1,150 nm)

Speed: 630 km/h (340 kts)

Altitude: 12,500 m (41,000 ft)


Mustang Range


Passengers: 4

Pilots: 2

Luggage: 320 kg (1.78 cu m)




Aircraft Length: 12.37 m
Aircraft Height: 4.09 m

Cabin Length: 2.97 m
Cabin Height: 1.37 m
Cabin Width: 1.40 m




your private way to fly